Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diabetes supporting those we love

   Diabetes effects all of us. I don't have type 2 Diabetes but my husband does. As his loving wife I have a very important role, to help keep him in good health. 

   Knowledge is power when it comes to the disease learning how to take care of your family and friends who suffer from diabetes is very..very important.. and to support them to "stick to the plan". Lots of love and support is needed for the person who is experiencing the symptoms of diabetes and you can help set the example and educate your family and friends. Choose to "BE THE EXAMPLE". No one likes to face things alone.  
Pick This, Skip That: Foods For Diabetes Prevention - Infographic design
 If you are a family member think about smart gift giving such as diabetic socks vs regular socks or a piece of jewerly that can save their life!   


Lots of hugs and encouragement are always good and keeping a positive attitude
You can make a big difference in helping others become aware of diabetes

   EDUCATE! EDUCATE! AND educate YOURSELF to help those you love :)

     Learning to make meals for the whole family that are delicious and healthy is a smart choice for those 
who have family members with type 2 diabetes. Now put your hand on your heart and say I will make a difference. You can do it!